Shri Pradeep Kamle
CWM RaipurWorkshop

Wagon Repair Shop Raipur was established in 1968 as combined Carriage & Wagon Repair Workshop at Raipur, now the capital city of Chhattisgarh state. It was initially built to cater to Bengal Nagpur Railways which became SE Railway and subsequently, after trifurcation, SEC Railway of today. With time, coaching feed was gradually shifted to KGPW & MCSW and Raipur workshop became exclusively a Wagon Repair Shop with an annual target outturn of 6000 Wagons for 2019-20.

Raipur workshop is located in the heartland of the coal and other mineral rich belt of Chhattisgarh and adjoining areas of Orissa. This location gives it tremendous opportunity to contribute to freight operations of SECR. In fact, Wagon Repair Shop Raipur also play vital role in making SECR the highest loading zones in Indian Railways.

Wagon Repair Shop Raipur attends to almost all types of good stock except tank wagons for POH and NPOH apart from undertaking RSP and other specialized works such as midlife rehabilitation of wagon, retro fitment of twin pipe air brake system and retro fitment of BOXN into BOXNHS. Wagon Repair Shop Raipur has been consistently surpassing the outturn target set by Railway Board for many years in spite of working with low manpower ratio. Working on CLW pattern of incentive scheme, the productivity of workshop is 42-44% in terms of incentive earning. Wagon Repair Shop Raipur has completed 50 years in 2018. To meet the need for modernization of infrastructure and M&Ps to adjust technology & increase productivity a project for augmenting capacity to 6000 Wagons has been sanctioned, work of which is now in progress.