About Head of Department

Dr. Vaibhav R. Malviya at the post of Dy.FA&CAO(W) R, an IRAS 2014 batch officer, has articulated exceptional dedication, attitude and managerial expertise in revamping the Accounts Office at WRS/Raipur. His penchant for hard work with utmost honesty, sincerity & logical application is evident in his approach to staff related matters, which has resulted in a congenial atmosphere among staff, officers and outsiders. He has proved to be a leader by example.

Activities of sections at a glance

  1. Establishment ( Gazetted & Non Gazetted ), New Pension System(NPS)

Sri O.P.Sahu, Sr.SO(A)

  • Passing of Salary Bills, Labour Pay Sheets of staff under the Accounting Unit of Dy.FA&CAO(W)/Raipur.
  • Vetting of LPC, TA & Contingent Bills.
  • Maintenance of Cadre and Scale Check Register.
  • Maintenance of Suspense – Civil Grants and Staff related
  • Preparation and Uploading of NPS Data to NSDL.
  • Ensure proper upkeep of NPS Ledgers and other Files/documents relating to NPS section.
  • Monthly and Annual NPS Reconciliation with books & NSDL uploaded data

2. Expenditure ,Pension

Sri Kamlesh Kumar, Sr.SO(A)

  • Scrutiny and passing of Imprest Bills, Contractor’s Bills, Stores Bills & other Misc. Bills.
  • Maintenance of Suspense relating to Expenditure Sec.
  • Maintenance of Paper Securities. (SD/EMD/BG etc).
  • Preparation of DAT’s pertaining to Expenditure Section.
  • Review of Settlement cases.
  • Compilation of all types of Pension.
  • Issue & Revision of PPO’s.
  • Passing of Settlement dues including NPS cases.
  • Maintenance of Suspense – Unpaid Pension, DCRG etc.

3. Books, Budget, WMS

Sri Narayan Prasad, Sr.SO(A)

  • Raising and acceptance of DATC/DATD & preparation of JV through IPAS-Erecon.
  • Preparation of Account Current.
  • Maintenance of Sales Suspense.
  • Jobs related to Deposit Work.
  • Compilation of Unit Cost of various repair activities viz. POH, POH+CORR etc.
  • Works related to Quarterly Hourly rate of Labour and Oncost Budget. Adjustments relating to condemnation of M&P, Wagons etc.
  • Preparation of Monthly Cash Budget, Cash outgo statements & Monthly Cheque Summary.
  • Preparation of cheque abstracts and printing of cheques.
  • Distribution of Spending Limits (Budget Grants), RE & FME of Capital (WMS) between Raipur and Nagpur Workshops.
  • Compilation of various Budget Estimates viz., ARE, RE-BE & FME of both Revenue and Capital (WMS).
  • Compilation of Appropriation Accounts, Block Account and allied statements.
  • Works relating to RSBO.

4. Administration, Finance, Post Audit

Sri Dinabandhu Barik, Sr.SO(A)

  • Preparation of Salary Bill and other Estt. Related bills of Gaz and Non-Gaz Staff of Accounts Office/WRS/R.
  • Maintenance of Service records, Leave Records and other personal records of staff of Accounts Office/WRS/R.
  • Maintenance of Imprest ( General & Computer).
  • Maintenance of Registers  relating to
  • Attendance.
  • All types of Leave.
  • Other office Registers such as Duty etc.
  • Maintenance of Tools & Plant Register.
  • Repair and Maintenance of office equiq. including Computers and other peripherals.
  • Compilation and Filing of Income Tax Returns of Accounts Office/WRS/R.
  • Correspondence relating to Finance Section.
  • Vetting of Estimates & Checking of CS & BN.
  • Pairing of Gate Pass & Challans.
  • Works related to Post Audit.

5. Provident Fund, Incentive, Inspection & Efficiency

Sri B.Gopalkrishnan, Sr.SO(A)

  • Passing of PF advances.
  • Review and Passing of PF settlement dues.
  • All books activities ( DAT/JV etc) relating to Transfer In and Out cases.
  • Monthly and Annual PF Reconciliation.
  • Maintenance of Ineffective Ledger and Suspense relating to PF section.
  • Compilation of Incentive Bonus and its incorporation in Labour Pay Sheet (LPS).
  • Preparation of Managerial Statements relating to Incentive.
  • Correspondence relating to Inspection & Efficiency.
  • Clearance of Audit Objections, Accounts Inspection Reports.
  • Compilation of Various reports/returns as per schedule.
  • Preparation of Debt Head Report & Half yearly Suspense Review

Achievements of Accounts Office

  1. Implementation of IPAS – Salary, Internal Check and other important modules (April 2016).
  2. Implementation of Incentive module in IPAS (April 2017).
  3. Implementation of PASS & LEAVE Modules.
  4. Due to continuous monitoring of WMS Balance, this unit has been successful in keeping the “Ratio of Closing Balance to Gross Credits under WMS Balance” at 1.59 % for the period ending 31st March 2019.
  5. All 1628 cases of pension revision pertaining to Pre-2016 have been successfully completed.
  6. Implementation of  CIPS facilitating direct credit to beneficiaries account through SBI.
  7. Successful implementation of revised hourly rate of incentive bonus to artisan staff of WRS/Raipur, and payment of arrears.
  8. Passing of bills in GeM.
  9. This office has successfully implemented Online condemnation of Wagons Module enabling computerized scrutiny of proposals for condemnation of Wagons.