Brief Of Activity

Wagon Repair Shop Raipur attends to almost all types of good stockexcept tank wagons for POH and NPOH apart from undertaking RSP and other specialized works such as midlife rehabilitation of wagon, retro fitment of twin pipe air brake system and retro fitment of BOXN into BOXNHS.

Started On

Wagon Repair Shop Raipur was established in 1968 as combined Carriage& Wagon Repair Workshop at Raipur, now the capital city of Chhattisgarh state

On Run

Raipur workshop became exclusively a Wagon Repair Shop with an annual target outturn of 6000 Wagons for 2019-20.


  1. Methodology to control Demurrage charges :- This workshop has come upon a methodology to control demurrage charges levied on this workshop by continuosly monitoring the wagon movement inside workshop. In this methodology wagons holding period is analaysed for root cause of detention of wagon. Heavy repair wagons are closely monitored during POH.Feed of due POH wagons are requested with trolley and wheel load. Complete restriction on entry of NPOH wagon is done.
  2. Design and manufacturing of Test Bench for APM (Automatic Brake Cylinder Pressure Modification device) :- Air Brake Shop of this workshop has done a remarkable innovation to check the overhauled APM (Automatic pressure modification device) fitted on Freight stock. This gadget is being used to test leakage and desired pressure during braking condition  of empty and loaded wagons . Earlier no such test bench was available at this workshop and APMs were turned out from the section without tested. Hence, rework was being carried out frequently by fitting staff and overhauling staff during the course of brake testing
  3. Design and manufacturing of Rake Test Rig :-

Rake Test Rig (RTR) is used to test the complete rake of freight stock comprising of 59+1 wagons. Off POH wagons are being sent to traffic department duly tested at workshop in the form of rake of 60 wagons. To test the complete rake at yard line no suitable and standard facility was available. Sometimes it was done with the help of  shunting locomotive. The test was being carried out with the help of isolating valve and pressure gauge without any regulatory device and the job was more time consuming and non-standardized.

To overcome the above situation a Rig has been designed and developed by the staff of Air Brake & Fitting shop/WRS/Raipur in this month i.e. June’18. Now, the Rake Test Rig (RTR) is functioning and desired parameter and result is being obtained. The approximate cost of new Rig is Rs.2 lakhs.

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